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Circle Dance

The Wickham Circle Dance Group is now led by Gill Light and holds sessions from 2:00pm - 4:00pm, normally on the second and fourth Monday of every month at Wickham Centre,, (“activities room”) Mill Lane Wickham, PO17 5AL. 7miles North of Fareham. 


Knowing, Being, and Doing

Knowing, Being, and Doing: New Foundations for Consciousness Studies
(Paperback � 1 Oct 2013) Available from Imprint Academic
Between 1965 and 2002 several key lines of research emerged which, taken together, can potentially revolutionise our understanding of the place of consciousness in the universe. Two of these are crucial: first, the analyses of human mental processes by Barnard, and independently by McGilchrist; and, second, research by several workers linking quantum theory to consciousness in much greater detail then hitherto. In this book I explain the close connections between these new ingredients,and I set out a new foundation for consciousness studies in which consciousness is integrated with physics. Finally the book discusses how this affects our everyday approach to ecology, religion, and spiritual practice.

WEAVING THE COSMOS — Using ecology to unite science and religion, healing ourselves, our society and the planet.
Available now from O-Books

WAYS OF KNOWING — Multi-author book and the follow-up to a ground-breaking conference. Available for £14.36 from Imprint Academic

SALE! Reality Through the Looking Glass is available for £7 including postage — contact me


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For a sketch of the connections between science and spirituality see the extracts from my chapter in “Crisis as Opportunity”

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