cosmos rise This page indexes some of my papers on the connections between consciousness and quantum theory. For my earlier papers, mainly on general relativity, see Publications list, or for non-academic writing links to past writings.

Talks and popular writing on aspects of science relevant to spirituality

Process and Pilgrimage: a talk unfolding from the question “Is the universe in a state of pilgrimage?”, part of a series continuing in Italy later in 2010.

Quantum, Consciousness and reality A revised version of a chapter in Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality, Edited by David Lorimer, Imprint Academic, 2004

Entanglement — explanation for everything? (Network, Number 86, pp. 13-16, 2004)

The primacy of connectivity (joint article with Isabel Clarke), Network, Number 76, 2001). This is particularly relevant to spirituality.

More technical papers on consciousness and quantum theory

For a definitive account of my current position, see The role of quantum physics in the theory of subjective consciousness Mind and Matter, Volume 5, Number 1, pp. 45-81, 2007; see also the publisher's website Imprint Academic). This is available as either

  • A 320kb pdf file (requires Acrobat reader); or
  • A 280 kb MS Word file (uses MS Equation and cross references, which might be sensitive to your particular edition of Word)

The more physics-relevant aspects of this work are explained in greater detail in Generalised histories and decoherence: an outline for a large-scale quantum theory (250kb pdf),

Applications to parapsychology are discussed in A new quantum theoretical framework for parapsychology (430kb pdf): European Journal of Parapsychology Volume 23, No. 1, pages 3�30, 2008.

The work is placed in its context of the nature of consciousness in “No-Collapse Physics and Consciousness” Exploring Frontiers of the Mind-Brain Relationship Editors: Alexander Moreira-Almeida, Franklin Santana Santos, Springer New York, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4614-0646-4

Other older papers, drawn on by those above, are

The histories interpretation: stability instead of consistency? Found Phys Lett 14 (2): 179-186 Apr 2001

Entanglement and statistical independence for mixed quantum states Found Phys Lett 15 (5): 495-500 Oct 2002

Particular applications

The histories interpretation of quantum theory and the problem of human/divine action A paper produced as part of a seminar at the Vatican Observatory, published in Quantum Mechanics: Scientific Perspective on Divine Action, edited by Robert John Russell, Philip Clayton, Kirk Wegter-McNelly and John Polkinghorne (Vatican City State: Vatican Observatory; Berkely, Calif.: Center for Theology and Natural Sciences) 2001, pp. 159-178

On the nature of bilogic: the work of Ignacio Matte Blanco An analysis of Matte Blanco's ideas of the logic of the unconscious, reformulating them so as to draw out the close connection with quantum logic