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Longer texts (see also the 'Science' tab above)

Consciousness and no-collapse physics The emergence of a new form of non-mechanistic dualism in consciousness studies - a paper based on a presentation at Sao Paulo, to be published in Revista de Psiquiatria Clinica

Laszlo and McTaggart – in the light of this Thing called Physics Documented critique of The Field and other works, with Mike King; published in Network Review, Winter 2006, pp. 6-11

Is the universe in a state of pilgrimage? Augmented notes of a talk at Birkbeck College, 2009 (now published in Holistic Science Journal, 1, pp.7-13, 2010

Construction and reality: reflections on philosophy and spiritual/psychotic experience Chapter in Psychosis and Spirituality: Exploring the New Frontier, edited by Isabel Clarke

Spirit and Matter: the Death of a Dichotomy Talk at the Conference of Mystics and Scientists, 2005

Living in Connection Synopsis of book, currently out of print

Consciousness and non-hierarchical physics Chapter in The physical nature of consciousness, edited by Philip van Looke

Entering the Kingdom at a time of crisis Lent Lecture 2000 at Winchester Cathedral

The old and new paradigms in science and life From "living in connection"

Ways of knowing Preface to the edited book

Notes on workshops

Web of Life Note on past talk at The Hamblin Trust

The Dance of Connection Note on a past weekend workshop at Lower Shaw Farm, with Isabel Clarke

Dances of love and justice Note on past workshop with circle dance and reflection

Circle Dancing through the biblical creation story Past workshop with Plaxy O'Keefe

Spirituality of the Evolving cosmos Notes to a presentation at a joint meeting of the British Teilhard Association and the Alister Hardy Society

Social and moral implications of Modern Science Notes for a module of a past course


Handbook of Action Research Edited by Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury

Good and real Critique of book by Gary L Drescher

Dancing in the flames: the dark goddess in the transformation of consciousness By Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson

After the Clockwork Universe: the Emerging Science and Culture of Integral Society By S J Goerner

The Good in Nature and Humanity: Connecting Science, Religion, and Spirituality Edited by Stephen R. Kellert and Timothy J. Farnham

The Sacred Depths of Nature By Ursula Goodenough

Holy Night By Vincent Tilsley, published by O Books

Desert Wisdom and Prayers of the Cosmos Two books by Neil Douglas Klotz

The Maiden King: The Reunion of Masculine and Feminine By Robert Bly and Marion Woodman

The Science of Oneness: a World-view for the Twenty-First Century By Malcolm Hollick

Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World By Michael Washburn

Quantum Philosophy: Understanding and Interpreting Contemporary Science By Roland Omnès

Blackfoot Physics By F David Peat

A physicist committed to a radical vision of life Review of Pathways of Change by F David Peat

Consciousness, gravity and the quantum An interview with Roger Penrose

The Rainbow and the Worm: the Physics of Organisms By Mae-Wan Ho (2nd edition)

The road to reality By Roger Penrose

The Science of Energy: a cultural history of energy physics in Victorian Britain By Crosbie Smith

Spiritually-Engaged Knowledge: the Attentive Heart By Jennifer Crawford

Uncommon ground: toward reinventing nature Edited by William Cronon

Spiritual Intelligence: the ultimate intelligence By Danah Zohar

Poems and music


Exeter rambling

I would have stepped

axion esti/kore A setting for voice and instruments of a popular circle dance tune

Second visit

Snakes Two poems