The list below covers books and mainstream research on Astrophysics, Cosmology, Biomagnetism and Quantum Theory. For links to copies of my current papers on consciousnes see this site at Science and Spirituality

Elementary General Relativity, Edward Arnold, (1979)
(with F de Felice) Relativity on Curved Manifolds, CUP (1990)
The Analysis of Space-Time Singularities, CUP (1994)
Reality Through the Looking Glass, Floris (1995)
Living in Connection, Creation Spirituality Books (2002)

Refereed Papers
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The many worlds interpretation of quantum cosmology, Journal of the British Interplanetary Soc, 44 (1991) 71--76
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A review of cosmic censorship, Class Quant Grav 10 (1993) 1375--1386
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New mathematical approaches to classical censorship problems. J Astrophys Astron 20 (3-4): 249-257 (1999)
The histories interpretation: Stability instead of consistency? Found Phys Lett 14 (2): 179-186 (2001)
Entanglement and statistical independence for mixed quantum states. Found Phys Lett 15 (5): 495-500 (2002)
Conference papers and other invited papers
Magnetic charge, holonmy and characteristic classes: illustrations of the methods of toplogy in general relativity. Gen. Relativity and Grav., 2, 43-51 (1971)
(with B G Schmidt) Singularities, the state of the art. Gen. Rel. and Grav. 8, 129-137 (1977)
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Process as a primitive physical category in Time and Process, ed J T Fraser and L Rowell, International University Press (1993) pp 53--70
3 Articles in The Encyclopedia of Time (Pub Garland, 1994)