Circle Dance

Circle Dance is an international movement, originally based on traditionsal Balkan dances, started by Bernhard Wosien as a core activity for the Findhorn Community. Originally (and in many countries still) it was called "sacred circle dance". The dance embodies an implicit spiritual ethos of care and community. For a good introduction to these very diverse dances see the (UK) Circle Dance Network website.

Our Local Group

I have restarted the circle dance group at Wickham. Sessions are held in Wickham Centre ("Wickham room"), Mill Lane Wickham, PO17 5AL. 7miles North of Fareham, on intermittent Mondays from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Future dates are:
2014: July 28th, Aug.11th, Sept 1st, Oct 6th, Oct 27th, Nov 10th, Nov 24th, Dec 8th 2015: Jan 12th, Jan 26th Feb 9th, Feb 23rd,

For the sources of much of the music for circle dance, see Raymond Thompson's Web Site.

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